Tool for finding and highlighting differences between excel files


Setup using packed installer

  1. Get the latest release of Delta2_setup.exe.
  2. The installer will install the run_delta2.exe into desired location and create a shortcut on the desktop.

Running as python file

  1. Install requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run the script

Assembling in a python bundle

  1. Pack to run_delta2.exe
pyinstaller --distpath InnoSetup/dist --noconsole --add-data="images;images" --icon=InnoSetup\delta.ico
  1. Run run_delta2.exe from InnoSetup\dist\run_delta2\run_delta2.exe

Packing in an installer

  1. Asseble a python bundle first
  2. Install Inno Setup
  3. Change directory and open delta2\InnoSetup\Inno_setup_script.iss with InnoSetup
  4. Run build
  5. The packed installer is located in delta2\InnoSetup\dist\Delta2_setup.exe


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