Transpiler for Excel formula like language to Python. Support script and module mode (formulas are functions).


  • Grammar definition.
  • Parser from string.
  • Support code from file.
  • Run like script (interpreter and useful like basic template for transpiler) 🚧
    • Calculator 🖩 mode (one line and basic operations). 🚧
    • Advance calculator 🖩 mode (one line and supported functions that not require references).
    • Multiline, Variable assignation support and external variable inclusion.
    • Support range references.
  • Begin unit tests.
  • Transpiler Python 🐍.
  • Transpiler JS.
  • Interactive interpreter ❓.
  • Transpiler Rust ❓.
  • PyPI Package.

Public announce in Twitter (spanish): https://twitter.com/cosmoscalibur/status/1462102290555359237


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