Localize Json

Two python script to convert JSON translation files to excel and the other way around. It has been created to work with I18n.

The character used of object nesting in json is the dot .

The following json structure:

  "app": {
    "name": "App Name"

Produces a key named app.name


Clone the project:

git clone https://github.com/tiknil/json-excel-translations.git
cd json-excel-translations

Setup the virtualenv with the setup script:

chmod +x setup.sh

Now you can use the script:

./jsonToExcel.py -o output/file -i input/folder
./exceltoJson.py -i input/file -o output/folder

You can use the link script to setup the scripts in your /usr/local/bin folder, so they can be used from everywhere:

sudo ./link.sh
jsonToExcel -o output/file -i input/folder
exceltoJson -i input/file -o output/folder



The scripts assumes a folder of .json files named after their respective locale: it.json, en.json, …

It creates an excel file where each column represents a locale and each row is a translation key.

The key are obtained from the primary language (default en, it can be configured using the -p argument)

Assume we have a folder, named translations, with 2 files: it.json and en.json, where the primary language is it.

Given the command:

jsonToExcel.py -o translations.xlsx -i translations -p it

It produces an excel file named translations.xlsx structured as:

key it en
keyName italiano inglese


  • -h Instructions on the script usage
  • -o/--output-file where the excel file must be created (default output/translations.xlsx)
  • -i/--input-dir where the translation files are located (default translations/)
  • -p/--primary where the excel file must be created (default en)
  • -l/--locales A comma-separated list of the locales to select (default all json files in the input directory)


Given an excel files structured as in the table below

key locale1 locale2
keyName locale1 string locale2 string

It produces a json file for each locale containing the corresponding translations.


  • -h Instructions on the script usage
  • -o/--output-dir outpit directory for the translation files (default translations/)
  • -i/--input-file location of the excel input file (default output/translations.xlsx)
  • -e/--empty set this flag to also include keys without a translation (default is to NOT include keys without a translation, assuming there is a fallback mechanism in your app for such strings)
  • -k/--key-name name of the excel column containing the keys (default key)
  • -id/--indent-size size of the Json indentation (default is 4)


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