Generate report from a xlsx excel template. Just set some mark in template, xlreport will parse the document, and fill the cell with a dictionary. Supporting Numpy Array as image, and Pandas Dataframe as table.

Personal Information Demo

the template document

    wb = load('Personal Information.xlsx')
    info, keys = parse(wb)
    # prepare the data
    img = np.random.randint(0, 255, (100,100), dtype=np.uint8)
    data = {'Name':'YX Dragon',
    fill_value(wb, info, data)
    repair(wb) # to repair some bug of openpyxl
    wb.save(osp.join(direc, 'person.xlsx'))

then we can got a filled document, here we save it as a pdf document.

Rule of Template

Here is the rule of make a template, please set your page size, suchas A4, A5. Then change the view to page view, then the cell’s size could be set in cm.

General Rule

{type Var_Name = Default Value # note},any mark should be in {}, and must have type and var_name, some var must have default value.

Basic Parameter

int,float,str,txt,bool:these vars has the same format, str for a demo,{str Name = YX Dragon # please input your name here}type and name are required, default and note are optional. It seems that default and note are not useful, but if you use xlreport as a ImagePy plugin, default and note would be parsed as some ui element.

Choices Parameter

list:{list Favourite_System = [Windows, Linux, Mac] # please select your favourite system}default value is required, should be a list. If you use code to fill template, choices could be replaced by str. But if you sue xlreport as a ImagePy plugin, choices would be parsed as a combo list.

Image Parameter

img:{img My_Photo = [4.8,4.8,0.9,0] # you photo heredefault value is required, give 4 numbers,[width (in cm),height (in cm),margin (0.9 meas 10% margin),scaled (0 means keep the proportion, 1 means scale to fit the cell’s size),note is optional.

Table Parameter

tab:{tab Record = [1,3,0,0] # the result table}default value is required, give 4 numbers, [row step (1 for unmerged cell), column step (1 for unmerged cell), title offset (-1 for the row upon the first data row, 0 means not fill title), index offset (-1 for column left of the first data column, 0 means not fill index)], note is optional.

Use xlreport as ImagePy Plugin

ImagePy is an Image Process Framework written in Python. I write xlreprot as ImagePy’s report plugin, we can open image, do filter, analysis, and fill the image and table in template. ImagePy’s report will parse the template, and show a parameter dialog, just fill basic information, select the image or table, then generate! You can also try ImagePy.

coins segment and measure

generate report


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