Author: Jens Putzeys

This program scrapes a website (Qteam) for an Excel file with information about tires.
Then it uploads this Excel file to a Synology NAS server.

This program now runs scheduled on Python on my NAS server.

NOTE: I made this project and decided to upload it to Github. This is not meant to be used by anyone.

How to use

Create a config.json file in the src-folder like this:

    "qteam": {
        "username": "",
        "password": ""
    "synology": {
        "username": "",
        "password": "",
        "url": ""

Fill in the username and password for the qteam website.
Fill in the username and password for your synology account (username has to be url-encoded: e.g. Hello G√ľnter -> Hello%20G%C3%BCnter).
Enter the url for your synology NAS: E.g. https://myds.com:port

Change the folder where the files are saved on the NAS in main.py > path_of_parent_folder_on_nas


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