What are the most useful shortcuts in Excel

Jan 11, 2020 • edited Jan 12, 2020

What are the most useful shortcuts in Excel

Without a doubt, your #1 priority should be to learn how to go mouse-free.

You increase your speed 3–5X when you get rid of the mouse. The best way to start learning this is to:

  1. Hit the ALT key - you’ll see letters and number shows up all over the menu, that’s how you navigate from now on
  2. Print out a page of Keyboard Shortcuts (search keyboard shortcuts on google images) and tape it to your computer

Getting comfortable using Excel without a mouse will take about 2–3 weeks.

The shortcuts that really moved the needle for me were the ones that replaced my super high-volume mouse tasks.

Here’s a starting point - the following list has shaved hundreds of hours off my work, freeing me up to do other things!

High-volume keyboard shortcuts that changed my life:

  • CRTL + Z = Undo
  • CTRL + Y = Redo
  • F2 = Edit Cell
  • CTRL + S = Save
  • ESC = Cancel Function
  • CTRL + Page Up = Navigate one tab to the left
  • CTRL + Page Down = Navigate one tab to the right
  • ALT = Mouse-free Excel navigation

Whatever you do most (with the mouse) should be your top keyboard shortcut target

There’s a reason investment banking analysts don’t use the mouse.


These specific shortcuts are the ones I personally use most frequently

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