This module is no longer necessary for doing Real Time Data in Excel with Python.


The exceltypes package is a set of C++ Python types wrapping a sub-set of the Excel COM types.
It is an extension to pywin32 and so pythoncom.PyIUnknown instances can be cast to exceltypes types using the QueryInterface method.

The motivation behind this package is that although the Excel object model can be used via the wrappers generated by win32com‘s makepy wrappers, these all rely on the IDispatch.Invoke method and at least one type (IRTDUpdateEvent) only works when called via the vtable binding and not when called via its IDispatch interface.


Build using the included Use the --help and --help-commands options for more information about available options.

python install


Cast a pythoncom.PyIDispatch object to an excel.PyIRTDUpdateEvent object:

import exceltypes

# cast an object to a PyIRTDUpdateEvent instance using QueryInterface
#obj = <a PyIDispatch object passed from Excel>
update_event = obj.QueryInterface(exceltypes.IID_IRTDUpdateEvent)



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