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How to Print the Gridlines and Headings In Excel

Print Gridlines and Headings By default, gridlines don’t appear on a printed Microsoft Excel worksheet or workbook. This article describes how you can make the gridlines appear in your printed worksheets.
08 February 2020

How To Set or clear a Print Area in Excel

Print Area If you print a specific selection on a worksheet frequently, you can define a print area that includes just that selection. A print area is one or more ranges of cells
08 February 2020

Insert a page break When Printing in Excel

Page Breaks The Page Break preview feature in Excel 2016 enables you to spot and fix page break problems in an instant, such as when the program wants to split information across different
06 February 2020

How to Print Titles in Excel

Print Titles When we print the excel worksheet the title is present in the first worksheet page but not in others, so in order to print titles in each and every printed page
06 February 2020

How to Use Custom Views in Excel

Workbook Views There are various types of view options in Excel, which helps you to view a workbook in many formats. You can choose to view any workbook in Normal view, Page Layout
06 February 2020

How to print center on page in excel

Center on Page If you have created a small worksheet in Excel, you may want to center it on the page when you print it. By default, it will print in the upper,
06 February 2020