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Quickly Delete Row Shortcut In Excel

Delete Row This shortcut will delete rows that are selected. Windows shortcut Ctrl- Mac shortcut ⌘- Excel 2013 Shift+Spacebar to select the row. Ctrl+-(minus sign) to delete the row. Excel
06 February 2020

Scroll Lock Shortcut Key In Excel

Scroll Lock Shortcut You are working on a spreadsheet normally when all of a sudden you notice that you cannot move from cell to cell – instead of getting to the next cell,
06 February 2020

Insert Bullet Points Shortcuts In Excel

Bullet Points Shortcuts Microsoft Excel is primarily about numbers. But it is also used to work with text data such as to-do lists, bulletin boards, workflows, and the like. Select a blank cell,
06 February 2020

show formulas shortcut key in excel

Show Formulas Excel provides a really simple and quick way to show formulas in cells, and in a moment, you will make sure of this. By default, Excel shows the results of formulas.
06 February 2020

How can I use RFC 4180 CSV with Excel?

Why Excel does NOT support RFC 4180 standard for CSV? The RFC 4180 standard states that the delimiter for CSV must be comma. Excel, however, ignores this requirement and uses semicolon in those
04 February 2020

The Currency and Accounting format in Excel

The Currency format and the Accounting format in Excel are very similar to each other. This example shows the difference. we’ll learn the difference between currency and accounting in Microsoft Excel. Though
03 February 2020

A Quick Way To Recover The Last Excel File

Do you want to protect your workbooks from unexpected computer crashes or power failures? This article explains how to recover unsaved files and restore previous versions of your workbook in Excel 2016, 2013,
02 February 2020

20 Excel Tricks for Beginners & Experts

After Microsoft developed Excel to the 2010 version, it offered more surprises than ever. In order to deal with tons of big data, you can’t ignore the important role Excel plays in
12 January 2020

9 helpful tips and formulas in EXCEL

Sum, Count, Average =SUM(A1:A10) Count =Count(A1:A10) Average =Average( Value1, Value2) If statements =IF(A1>A2, “GOOD”, “BAD”) Sumif, Countif, Averageif =SUM(A1:A15, “
12 January 2020

250+ Excel Keyboards Shortcuts List for you

Microsoft Excel is one of the best Mathematical applications. Using keyboard shortcuts will help you to use Excel more effectively. Here we shared the huge list of 250+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for you.
11 January 2020